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I have been asked many times about which sex toys are the best. And I think I have a few answers.

But I have to share them with you all. I'm not a sex toy expert, but this is what I think you are going to be needing to buy. There are many different types of sex toys and what I've found is that the better a toy is at its job, the easier it is to use. The sex toys I offer are all quality and high quality. It's not like there is some sex toys where it is cheap. Most are over $300. And because it's all handmade and handmade is expensive, a lot of the cost goes to the materials. So to make it easier for you guys to use your sex toys, I've put together some different options for sex toys. So if you are a first timer and you are wondering what to do or want to start out on your journey to getting laid, feel free to contact me. If you would like to know more about my life, and how I met the love of my life, you can see my blog here. Also, I have my own dating site (

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