Exercises To Make You Tough And Strong At Home

Post / Thursday, June 13th, 2019

You’ve probably heard of Crossfit, a very popular sports discipline that allows you to develop strength, endurance and muscle tone while we lose fat and have fun. Today, for all those who think that we can only practice this activity in a gym, we show that you can train hard doing Crossfit at home.

The benefits of Crossfit

The Crossfit before the eyes of all is a very intense training and not suitable for anyone, because although it can be adapted to the physical condition of all, requires a certain ability to leave everything in practice.

This intensity that characterizes the Crossfit is due above all to the inclusion of multi-articular movements, that is to say, functional exercises, which involve different muscles at the same time and demand, in addition to muscular effort, a cardiovascular work to our body.

That is why Crossfit implies a challenge for those who are already training and of course, it can provoke a general physical conditioning, with greater strength and resistance, more muscular power, more tone and definition, and less body fat.

As if that wasn’t enough, at Crossfit you never train the same way, so the activity is fun and develops in your body constant motivation that undoubtedly helps you get in shape in a short time.

So, today we will help you start Crossfit at home.

Crossfit exercises at home

Here are some Crossfit exercises that you can do at home, without any equipment. Without a doubt, these movements are ideal for those who are just starting out in this discipline or for training on a day when you can’t go to your box or gym, because the great challenge of Crossfit is to increase the training loads and for that, certain equipment is required.

Having clarified this, some Crossfit exercises that you can do at home to train your whole body are:

Flexions of arms: in all its variants, either with displacement, in vertical position, with diamond shaped hands or others as shown above, to work the whole body and focus the effort on arms and chest.

Squats and strides: to train the lower body and mobilize large muscle groups, we can perform these exercises that can be intensified by adding a jump between one repetition and another or adding weight (dumbbells or bar) for execution.
Mountain Climbers: works different muscles at the same time but also allows you to burn calories and work cardio without any equipment.

Burpees: is a very complete exercise, which also works cardio and many muscles simultaneously and is used extensively in Crossfit. It does not require equipment, we just have to learn correctly how they are performed to get the most out of the exercise.

Isometric Abdominals: either the classic abdominal iron or bridge or any of its variants that allow working in depth the middle area of the body.

Crab Walk: that works shoulders, arms and other muscles of the body while allowing to burn calories moving with support on the hands and back or forward.

Farmers walk: for this exercise we need to carry weight in both hands, can be dumbbells, sandbags, heavy backpacks, water bottles or others. It allows you to work many muscles at the same time.